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Hi everyone! I’m Tiki the Penguin. My website is specially for kids (but grown-ups can look too if they really want). Did you know I’m the first penguin anywhere to make a website?

I’ve got loads of stuff for you here. Some is just fun (like jokes, questions, quizzes and games) and some is more serious…I try my best to guide you through today’s most important issues and problems Most popular are my Guides for kids where you can find out important things which you need to know about our world. Click on the boxes below to learn more


Climate Change

The Big Threat facing everyone


Plastic is everywhere!


Muck, stink and poison :(

Planet Earth’s nine lives

Our planet’s limits

Fracking: my miniguide

Tiki’s Quick Guide to Fracking

The Energy guide

Tiki the Penguin’s Guide to Energy

Life on Earth is in danger

Life on our planet — our only home — is in big trouble

What is genetic engineering

Scientific recipes

Eating the future

Slurp chomp gobble guzzle!

Yummy or Yukky – all about food

Food: why all the fuss?

Tiki’s time machine

Have you tried out my Time Machine? With this wonderful machine you can whizz back through time to the very beginning of everything.


Fun stuff

Time for some fun stuff, such as puzzles and loads of jokes sent in by kids like you.

Let’s have fun!


Features such as my Galapagos Islands trip and an incredible true story about an island and a planet.



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    “The mind of a child is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled.”
    Source: Plato, one of the most famous Greek philosophers who died in 348 BC aged about 80