Hi everyone! I’m Tiki the Penguin. My website is specially for kids. Did you know I’m the first penguin anywhere to make a website?

I’ve got loads of stuff for you here. Some is just fun (like jokes, questions, quizzes and games) and some is more serious…I try my best to guide you through today’s most important issues. Today, most people know about the climate emergency. And you’ve realised that when you throw away plastic, it doesn’t go away and now there’s plastic everywhere. Worse still is the fact that enormous numbers of animals and plants are going extinct.

Photo by Michael Roper

Forest fire

Ruthless people are tearing our planet apart to get everything they can as soon as possible, especially the coal, oil and gas industries. Others are cutting and burning forest to make yet more land available for growing cattle, destroying countless numbers of living things. Why? Money, money, money! And, of course, greed.

If cliimate was a bank

If climate was a bank, you’d have saved it already.

But there is hope. As I said, most people know something of these things happening largely because of groups who make a lot of noise and get noticed.

Greta for president - demo

Greta for president – demo

I think of activist Greta Thunberg’s Fridays For Future, Extinction Rebellion and many others like them. It is young people with all their energy and determination who are beginning to make a big impact all around the world. The politicians are listening.
Covid may have destroyed many things – people and their economies – but this gives humans the chance they really need to rebuild (reboot?) their economies in a completely different way. Hey people, without a healthy environment, you are nothing and kids know this. This is your last chance to build sustainable just economies and ensure that everyone everywhere can live with kindness in peace and harmony with the natural world. This is the only way forward… the only way. If a simple Penguin can see this surely your clever politicians and companies can too? But get moving right away for the sake of kids everywhere.Markus Spiske


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"I been waiting 65million years ffor this moment"

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Fun stuff

Time for some fun stuff, such as puzzles and loads of jokes sent in by kids like you.

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Features such as my Galapagos Islands trip and an incredible true story about an island and a planet.



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    Source: Plato, one of the most famous Greek philosophers who died in 348 BC aged about 80