Indicators: how we know life is in danger

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What are 'indicators'?

A Smog and pollution which you can see and monitor
B Things like forests and oceans which you can check up on

How much of the world's forests have people destroyed so far?

A 30 per cent
B About half
C Very little
D Almost all
E An area about the size of Greece or Florida
F More than 80 percent

When people destroy forest, what happens to the animals and birds that lived there?

A They move into zoos
B People buy them to make pets
C They die
D They go someplace else
E They have a big party to celebrate

Why aren't the oceans and seas full of fish like they used to be?

A Because penguins are eating them all
B Because people are taking much more than their share
C Because seals are eating them all
D Because the fish are hiding
E Because of pollution

Why are coral reefs dying?

A Because of something called bleaching
B Because they are worn out and have lost the will to live
C Because the seas are getting too warm
D Because of pollution