Wrecking the Planet Quiz

Climate change is...

A a lie put out by crazy people who think the planet is in deep trouble
B a natural process which is being greatly speeded up by people and their pollution
C being slowed down by people
D It isn't. The climate never changes

Why do people hunt?

A For food
B Because some people think it's cool and macho to kill
C To speed up extinctions
D They like killing animals
E For fun, mostly

What are 'alien species'?

A Little Green Men from Mars
B Cats in Australia
C Cane toads in Australia
D Tourists in Antarctica

If you wanted to destroy much of life on our planet, how would you do it?

A Poison it with pollution
B Travel on airplanes as much as possible
C Live a life of luxury and pretend that everything was okay
D Buy lots of stuff all the time, then throw it away and buy some more
E Vote (or pressure your parents to vote) for a politician who likes to say all environmentalists are 'terrorists' and climate change doesn't exist
F Start a war!

What can I do to help stop wrecking planet?

A Absolutely nothing! We are all doomed so why bother?
B You could start by reading the final two pages of this guide. You CAN do something to help. In fact, you can do a whole of things!