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Tiki the Penguin's guide for kids which explains why so much life on Earth is in trouble
Tiki the Penguin's guide for kids which explains why so much life on Earth is in trouble
I'm a dodo, now extinct because of humans

The wonderful web of life

Animals began to appear on the planet in a big way about 530 million years ago,
sea creaturesall

that lived in the sea. A little after this, plants began to grow on the land instead of just in the sea and were quickly
followed by
which wanted to
eat them.
Then came the dinosaurs...
some dinosaurs were very big and some were very mean...and I'm sure
Later came penguins, polar bearspenguins and polar bears live at the opposite ends of the Earth really. Good job too... and,

at the very last minute

(just 200,000 years ago),


Homo sapiens? Phooey!  Homo destructivus more like! And right from the start, humans began damaging other life and the planet by
using fire carelessly.

Modern people are just beginning to understand a little about the web of life and the vital importance of biodiversity. They are beginning to realise that they have damaged it badly and, most importantly, that they depend upon it too. People are animals too, like penguins and porcupines.

OneZoom Tree of Life Explorer lets you travel right into the Tree of Life. See if you can find humans! This is an incredible tool for finding out about every single mammal species on Earth, and it shows how each one is related to all the others. Go on, try it!

So now, why not try my Web of Life Quiz to see how you're doing.

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