Big bangs and mega-deaths quiz

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Question 1

What is a mass extinction?

A What happens when people explode a nuclear bomb
B When lots of animals and plants die out completely
C What happens when humans fight wars
D What happens when the hunting season starts

Question 2

What killed off the dinosaurs?

A People
B Volcanoes
C They just got too big
D An asteroid or comet
E Mice (which ate all their food)

Question 3

How long ago was the worst mass extinction?

A 530 million years ago
B It's happening now
C 66 million years ago: the K-T event
D 252 million years ago

Question 4

What is gas hydrate?

A A special sort of fire extinguisher
B Unlimited ice cream at the bottom of the sea
C A funny sort of ice made of methane gas and water
D The fizzy stuff which spurts out of a soda bottle you shake up too much
E Oh dear. I seem to have missed that one!

Question 5

What sort of creatures survive mass extinctions?

A People with lots of food stored away
B Rich people
C Penguins
D Rats
E Cockroaches