The Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) is a type of nuclear reactor called a 'breeder'. It has many important advantages over the standard type of light water reactor (LWR) used all around the world at present. The 'burning' (fission) process in an LWR uses under one percent of all its uranium fuel that has to be dug out of the ground in big mines. This is because almost all uranium is made up of its non-fissile (which means it won't 'burn' in a reactor) isotope, uranium 238. The fissile isotope, uranium 235, needs to be enriched so that the nuclear fission 'burn' reaction will start inside the reactor. The remaining 99 percent of the mined uranium becomes radioactive nuclear waste which is one main reason people don't like nuclear power. So what can IFR breeders do that older LWRs can't?

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