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Where do we animals get energy from?

Almost all energy comes from the sun which warms our planet and makes plants grow.

Just need a bit of sun

  Plants are smart because they can use the sun’s energy not only to make them grow, but also to make energy storesNow some rain.
Lovely vegetables!  
Most plants make seeds, some of which grow into new plants. And animals like you humans eat them - you know, wheat seeds which you make into bread; maize into popcorn or cornflakes and so on. This means you get your energy from eating plants, or by eating other animals like cows which have fed off plants.

I get my energy from eating fish...See this fish?

  ...which ate smaller fish which ate shrimpy things...It ate some shrimps
Gobbling plankton  
This is called a food web or food chain This is where most humans' waste products go... down the pan!Our waste products eventually all go back to plants where they start the cycle again, fuelled by energy from the sun.
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