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Tiki's food guide
Tiki's food guide


Farming is a very efficient way of growing the sort of food people want to eat,  in very large amounts. sustainable farmingUntil early last century, all farming was based on sustainable methods because there was no choice. Today, people in poor countries continue this way of growing food because they cannot afford the machinery and chemicals needed for modern industrial farming. Industrial farming certainly makes loads of food but it damages the land, sea and air. modern farmingThere are alternatives such as organic farming which is sustainable. The problem with organic farming is that the farmers have to be much more skilled. They can’t rely on spraying and 'instant' fertilisers and have to plan their crops in a very different way. This means more people have jobs and this type of farming is nature-friendly... but organic food is more expensive. There is a huge argument about this at the moment. Modern industrial farmers say that only they can ‘feed the world’, preferably using genetically engineered crops.

What does 'sustainable' mean?
Something that people can carry on doing forever without damaging the environment.
genetic engineering guideI've made another guide all about genetically engineered food and stuff. Take a look to find out what's going on.

They may well be right but at a terrible cost to the environment and, in particular, the world's remaining forests.

organic food is pesticide-freeThe sustainable farmers say this is nonsense.
But sustainable farming has to be the future because industrial farming does so much damage to the world we all live in and the oil it depends on will run out. So do we really need industrial agriculture to feed all the world's people? Food MythBuster Anna Lappé says no in this video.

Tiki explains

Fascinating food facts

  • hydroponic growing can produce 100 times more in the same area as traditional methods. And it can use 99 percent less water than outdoor fields more on this
  • in Peru, the local people keep guinea pigs (called cuyes) to eat
  • in Australia, kangaroos are farmed for their meat and furOstriches are taller than humans and cannot fly
  • in South Africa, ostrich farming is big business. They are farmed for their meat (which is much lower in fat than beef) and feathers. Happily, no one farms penguins, although people did once kill us for meat. The only animals that ever eat people are occasional tigers and other humans (cannibals)!
  • Image: Pius Mahimbi https://www.flickr.com/photos/pius_mahimbi/insects are getting more popular as both tasty and a good source of protein. Eating insects is perfectly normal in many countries. People eat: crickets, cicadas, grasshoppers, ants, beetle grubs and even scorpions and tarantulas
    These are arachnids (spiders) not insects, but both are classes of arthropods


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