Start How it works The process of fracking for shale gas. [DECCgovuk] More fracking detail. [darthpedrius] the gear Fracking site in Louisiana, USA. [danielfoster437] Fracking wellhead,  North Dakota, USA. [Joshua Doubek] Fracking in progress, North Dakota, USA. [Joshua Doubek] Well head where fluids are injected into the ground. [Joshua Doubek] Well head after all the fracking equipment has been removed [Joshua Doubek] demos Fracking demo in Australia. [Peter Firminger - WAGE] Young protester in Australia. [Erland Howden] Stop Fracking - Save the Karoo. Protest in South Africa. [Toban Black] Activists  with fracking-polluted water outside the European Parliament. [greensefa] Fracking demo outside the European Parliament [greensefa] Demo against fracking in Manchester, UK.  [manchesterfoe] Anti-fracking demo in New York, USA. [CREDO.fracking] Anti-fracking demo in New York, USA. [CREDO.fracking] Criminalize Fracking says this protester in the USA.<br/>[billb1961] Anti-fracking demo in Germany: injecting the Earth with chemicals. [campact] Community blockade in Balcombe, UK. [Push Europe] [Toban B] [Toban B.] end
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