A friend sent me this chocolate math magic. Make sure you do exactly what it says and you will be as surprised as I was!
Oh, by the way, I thought of fish, not chocolate. Penguins don't like chocolate.

This is pretty neat, how it works out.
This is cool chocolate math!!!


It takes less than a minute.......

Work this out as you read. But be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out! This is fun and amazing so don't spoil it!

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that
you would like to have chocolate. (try for more than
once but less than 10)

2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold)

3. Add 5 (for Sunday)

4. Multiply it by 50. I'll wait while you get the

5. If you have already had your birthday this year
add 1754.... If you haven't, add 1753 .......

6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were

You should end up with a three digit number ...

This (2004) is the only year it will work, says my friend. I don't know how or why it works, but it did for me. I think it's magic.