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Tiki the Penguin's guide to climate change and global warming — for kids
Poor polluted overheated planet
Greenhouse Earth
Phew! Greenhouses are hot!What happens when you go into a greenhouse on a sunny day? It's hot, isn't it? That's because the glass in the greenhouse traps the heat from the sun. This gas carbon dioxide does the same in the earth's atmosphere. It acts like glass in a greenhouse, doing the same as my feathers do when I'm swimming in the very cold sea: my feathers keep me warm, the glass in the greenhouse keeps the plants inside warm, and the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases keep the planet warm. Without them, we'd freeze. Too much of them means that we boil! Earth in a greenhouseBecause people are burning fuels with carbon in (that's oil, gas and coal which you use in cars, aeroplanes, power stations and so on), all this carbon gets dumped into the air, combined with the oxygen we all breathe, and so adds to our greenhouse gas problem. And the planet warms more than it should.
Carbon dioxide (CO2) isn't the only 'greenhouse gas' though it is the most common. There are several others. Methane is 21 times more powerful at trapping heat than CO2 and there are other gases made by people which can be thousands of times more powerful.
The planet Venus where a runaway greenhouse effect has made it searingly hot (NASA)

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