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Tiki the Penguin's guide to climate change and global warming — for kids
Poor polluted overheated planet
It's not really happening, is it?
'Global warming? Phooey! It's all a hoax!' (Yes, some people ignore the mass of evidence and claim that the planet isn't warming and it's all a hoax Our planet is getting hotter rather quickly because of greenhouse gas pollution from humans. But there are some people who say it is not. Can you think who some of these might be? You guessed it! Many of the people who claim climate change is not happening are those who use lots of fuel, who make things like cars that use lots of fuel, or actually get the fuel out of the earth: that's heavy industry, carmakers and the oil, gas and coal companies. This is called 'vested interest'. These are people who depend on other people using lots of fuel if they are to continue making money. It's not surprising that they deny climate change. But it doesn't make them right!
These people are often called 'deniers' or 'sceptics'.

Just for the record...

Fifteen of the 16 hottest years on record have all been this century, with 2015 being significantly warmer than the record-level temperatures seen in 2014. Underlining the long-term trend, 2011-15 is the warmest five-year period on record. The record temperatures over both land and the ocean surface in 2015 were accompanied by many extreme weather events such as heatwaves, flooding and severe drought.

World Meteorological Organization, 25 January 2016

The case for climate change – global warming – is now beyond doubt. There is so much evidence from all over the planet. So wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone agreed to work together to stop using fossil fuels. Well it seems that they may actually do this following the agreements reached at the Paris climate conference in December 2015.

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