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Tiki the Penguin's guide to climate change and global warming — for kids
Poor polluted overheated planet

Twelve Really Important Things you can do to help stop global warming

1.  Get active. Pester politicians. Make a fuss!

2.  Know your stuff

3.  Kick the car habit

4.  Make your own climate

5.  Shop locally

6.  Travelling light

7.  Driving habits

8.  Power from the sun (free!)

9.  Eating

10. Remember your 4 Rs

11. Turn that thing off!

12. Ragbag

So climate change is not all gloom and doom. There's plenty you can do.

kids can make a difference with climate changeAnd if you haven't tried my Hot Earth quiz and global warming crossword puzzle, now is the time for both.


Please please remember: how you choose to use energy affects all life on Earth. The more energy you use, the more the planet warms up. So please think before you act... and turn off that light. Everything you do like that helps a little!

tips for more info about global warmingWant to find out more? Visit my global warming links page. If you haven't seen my Energy Guide, now's the time to look.

kids: have your sayWhat do you think about climate change? Have you any good ideas about what we can do to make things better? If you do, please write to me. As long as your message is sensible and friendly, I promise to reply.

OK kids. It's your planet. Please treat it kindly!

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Did you find my climate change guide useful? If you did, please tell your friends about it. Thank you and good luck with playing your part in fixing planet Earth's climate problem!

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