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Planet Earth's nine lives:
Our planet's limits

Our planet is like a cat with nine lives. People are harming some of these lives without realising. My guide shows you what's going on... and what's going wrong!

I've made a cool quiz about what you can discover in this guide. Try it and see how well you can do. And there's more: try my Nine Lives Crossword Puzzle. All the answers are in this guide...

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Nine lives? What's that all about?

Big world? No, it's a small world!

Tribes and nations

Planet Earth's nine 'lives': what are they?

Climate change: the planet is heating up and could soon do so much faster

Acid oceans: the seas are becoming hostile to animals with shells

The ozone hole: good news for a change

Smoke, dust and soot: all about aerosol loading

Too much of a good thing: overdoing the fertilisers

Fresh water: people are taking too much

Using the land: farming and forest destruction

Life in danger: why biodiversity matters

Chemical pollution: man-made chemicals get everywhere

What next? Videos and other resources to help you learn more

My thanks to both Sally Hargraves who drew all the cartoons which illustrate every page of my guide and Amy Ludman, aged 13, who has been my junior editor.

Sally is a very talented artist. She lives near Cardigan in South Wales (UK). She also does puppet shows for kids



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