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Your questions tax my brain but I do my best
Relaxing with my book of answers. Better than the TV!i! This is my Questions and Answers home page. Kids often write and ask me questions. I do my best to answer. Click the topic you're interested in and see what other kids have asked and how I answered them. Or scroll down to find out how to ask a question of your own.

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Me reading one of your questionsDo you have a question which I haven't answered in my guides or on my Questions pages? Do you think I could help you understand something you can't find out for yourself? If you do, just click to email me your question. I promise I'll reply to all serious questions. (That means I won't reply to silly ones! I haven't got time.). PLEASE be sure to tell me your first name, your age and the country you live in. And pleeeease do let me know if my answer helped! And sorry, but I can't do your schoolwork or homework for you! That's for you clever kids to get sorted. simple penguinRemember, I'm just a simple penguin.




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