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I’ve made lots of interactive Quizzes for you to try out. You can find all of them linked from this page. Some are mostly just for fun. Others help you to check how much you know about something, or help you see if you remember some of the stuff I’ve written (like in my Guides).

Quizzes and puzzles in my Guides

Some of my Guides have their own quizzes, built in. You can go directly to them from here if you want.
Tiki’s Tip:Why not take a look at the Guides too. Then you’re more likely to score well in the quizzes!

So… what are you waiting for? Check out my list and try a quiz (or a crossword) now! Let’s start with the quizzes and crossword which, the end of my guide to the climate emergency:


If you know your stuff and “get it” on global heating, then you should get a very high score. And whilst you can make this into a competition between your friends the real aim is to alert you to the terrible tragedies which may well lie ahead of you if you cannot stop today’s “grown-ups” destroying what you will need in the future.

I also have a Climate crossword puzzle.

I’m still working on these quizzes and hope to have several more before next year begins. Sorry kids!

Quiz and crossword puzzle about pollution

In my Pollution guide, you’ll find a Coool quiz. See how much you know.

Quiz and crossword puzzle about Earth’s Nine Lives

In my Planet Earth’s nine lives guide, you’ll find a quiz and a crossword puzzle. See how much you know. The answers are all in my guide!

My Hot Earth guide has Four Quizzes

And here they are (below). You will also find them at the end of the guide.


In my Hot Earth guide, you’ll find a crossword puzzle . See how much you know.

Crossword puzzle about energy

In my Energy guide, you’ll find a crossword puzzle  about energy. See how much you know.

Quizzes about Life in Danger

In my Life in Danger Guide you’ll find six different quizzes. See how well you score. Quiz 1, Quiz 2 ,Quiz 3 ,Quiz 4 ,Quiz 5 ,Quiz 6 ,

Quizzes about Eating the Future

Find out how much you know about planet-eating?

Click here for the interactive sustainability quiz

Click here to check out if you think you know what things people do are good or bad for our planet.