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Tiki's interactive sustainability quiz

How Earth-friendly is your lifestyle? Are you a future-eater? Find out in my quiz! When you've started the quiz, click one checkmark to choose your answer. Have a pen and paper ready to keep track of your score.

And kids, I'm not stupid and neither are you. We both know there are two ways you can use this quiz:

  • you can use it as a game and try out all the answers, see the jokey pictures and listen to the funny sounds which go with them. But I hope you will also
  • go through it seriously and answer the questions as honestly as you can — choose what you really do, not what you think the right answer is. Otherwise the quiz is pointless!

You will probably want to know why I've scored the answers as I have. To find out, click the at the bottom left of each quiz popup window.
If your browser blocks pop-ups, you will need to enable them for these quizzes.

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