Spoon-billed sandpiper. Image: kenSave Spoonie! This tiny bird – the spoon-billed sandpiper – breeds in Siberia and then flies south and west to south east Asia. This is its migratory flyway which passes along the coasts of many countries such as Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. On this journey, it feeds on creatures living in mudflats exposed at low tide. Sadly, the little bird is now critically endangered and down to some 200 pairs and the reason is people. Vast areas of mudflat – formerly the spoonies' feeding grounds – have been reclaimed from the sea and are now dry land. There are now many chemical industries along the coasts which cause serious pollution of both the air, rivers (which is where the mud and silt which form the mudflats come from) and the sea. As if that wasn't enough, people catch the little birds in traps. But in 2013, lots of kids came to the rescue of the little bird which they named 'spoonie'. The project involved 500 children along the spoonies' flyway and they created this video (below) using 1200 pictures which they had drawn and coloured. If you'd like to find out more about spoonies and how you could help these and other critically endangered creatures, click here. The making of this video recently featured on River Films' brilliant documentary: 'China: between clouds and dreams'.