Hurricane Harvey, August 24, 2017. Photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Hurricane Harvey: the new 'normal'

Why we have to talk about climate change. Podcast interview with one of the world's best known and respected climate scientists, Michael Mann.

'Make your voice heard', says Al Gore in his new climate change movieAn Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Former Vice President of the USA and winner of many awards, Al Gore is back with his sequel to An Inconvenient Truth (2006). Coming to a movie theatre near you. Go see it!

fossil fuel pollutionWhat a mess to leave you kids!

Burning fossil fuels is stupid and will seriously mess with your future. Top climate scientists from around the world warn that "continued high fossil fuel emissions today place a burden on young people to undertake massive technological CO2 extraction if they are to limit climate change and its consequences". They calculate that the costs to your generation will be around $500 trillion!!! Aaugh! So is there nothing you can do? Well yes there are (at least) 12 ways of getting active on climate change. You need to get started because its YOUR FUTURE! (July 2017)

This is the source: Hansen, J., Sato, M., Kharecha, P., von Schuckmann, K., Beerling, D. J., Cao, J., Marcott, S., Masson-Delmotte, V., Prather, M. J., Rohling, E. J., Shakun, J., Smith, P., Lacis, A., Russell, G., and Ruedy, R.: Young people's burden: requirement of negative CO2 emissions, Earth Syst. Dynam., 8, 577-616,>, 2017. The lead author, James Hansen, is probably the world's best known and honoured climate scientist.
What does this mean?
If global warming is to be slowed and stopped (as it has to be), vast systems will have to be built to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. One way is bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS). Trees and plants — which remove CO2 from the air — will be grown for burning to produce heat energy to make electricity. The CO2 which comes from the burning of this biomass then gets collected (carbon capture) and pumped deep underground (carbon storage) where it can no longer contribute to the greenhouse effect. More on this
That's YOU!

Kids v Trump

Just as the USA pulls out of the world's climate change deal, a US court has said that 21 children have a right to a safe climate. Now, a Federal court is hearing their case against President Trump in weeks. If they win, the President will have to stop supporting the fossil fuel industry! This case could change everything. More on this (June 2017)