Welcome to my Time Machine

Hi everyone! This is my time-travel page.

From here, you can blast off in my special Time Machine and go back to the very beginnings of life, the universe and everything. Then you can whizz forward to the present as fast as you like.

You’ll find that the years flash by incredibly fast at first: like 1 billion years in less than 1 second! By the time you reach 10 million years ago, it takes just 10 seconds to travel forward to 1 million years. From 10,000 years to 1000 AD takes about 15 seconds. Another 1000 years forward from 1000 AD to 1900 is 25 seconds. It will take you about 1 second for each year to travel forward from 1990 to the present

And you know what? If I didn’t do it this way but instead allowed 1 second for every single year, it would take you an incredible 142 years to get back to the present from when our planet formed. I think you’d get bored before then…

So my Time Machine gets around this problem by using a special scale. This means that the further back in time you travel, the faster you’ll go.

But I’m not all that clever; I’m not a Penguin Time Lord! Click here to see an earlier version of my Time Machine. It didn’t work. I got stuck in last week and had to wait 7 days to get back!
Controlling my Time Machine:
The controls are simple. Just hover your mouse over the Go Forward in Time button to start. As you see the years flicking past, you’ll also see that I’ve put in all kinds of things that happened. You can Stop at any time and click something you want to know about and then continue on your journey. You can also go instantly right to the present or back to the very beginning of time by clicking the green Hyperdrive up or down arrow.

TIP: Once you’ve started your time travel, be sure not to close either the launch window or the actual Time Machine window or the links won’t work. The Time Machine works in most smartphones but when you click a link, it will appear in a window behind the time machine. You can switch back and forth between them as you need.

Stand by for blast off! This is where you launch my Time Machine for yourself. When you launch, you’ll see two things:
1. the Time Machine I’ve made for you to use doesn’t look like it does in the picture. That’s because I’ve made a web version specially for you.
2. You’ll see that this page stays open beside the machine. When you’re travelling through time, you’ll see links which you can stop and click if you want to find out more, but the stuff you want to find out about will appear in this window. It doesn’t interrupt your time-travelling.
You can also drag your Time Machine to where you want it on your screen.

Now, just click that button below and offfff weeeeeeeee gooooooooooooooooo!!

Click here for Time Machine Blast-off!