from Lucy, age 7, England

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Cowsgo who?
NO! Cows Go MOO not Who!

from Chantia, age 12, Trinidad and Tobago

Q: What is the difference between a fly and a bird?
A: A bird can fly but a fly can’t bird.

Waiter, waiter, this food tastes funny.
Why ain’t you laughing?

Q: How do you get Holy water?
A: Boil the Hell out of it.

Q: What makes one weak?
A: Seven good days of fasting in the hot sun.

from Sierra Rozario, age 9, USA

Why did cinderella get kicked off the baseball team?

She ran away from the ball!!!!

from Emily, age 11, Australia

Please don’t feed the bears! They are already stuffed!!!!

from Sumit, age 10, India

Q. A jam which no one can eat?
A. Traffic jam.

Q. A city in which no one can live?
A. Electricity.

by Abigayle, age 13, England, who says: “Thank you, I love to make others laugh and with your website, I can share my jokes I remember from when I was little -er!!”

Doctor, doctor, I was stung by a bee, shall I go put some cream on it?
Don’t be silly man! It will be miles away by now.

friend 1: will you remember me in tomorrow?
friend 2: yes
friend 1: will you remember me in a month?
friend 2: yes
friend 1: will you remember me in a year?
friend 2: yes
friend 1: ok…….
knock knock,
friend 2: who’s there?
friend 1: what, you’ve forgotten me already!

Doctor doctor, everyone keeps ignoring me!
Next, please…

From Jake, age 11, UK

Q: Why does Piglet smell?
A: ‘Cos he plays with pooh.

Priya James, age 13, India

One man to another man who comes out of an examination room.
F irst man: “Excuse me, how were the questions?”
Second man: “The questions were easy but I couldn’t answer one question.”
First man: “What was the question?”
Second man: “The question was ‘Give the past tense of “think”‘. I thought and thought and then I wrote ‘thunk’.”