Have you ever been to Perú?

I think it’s one of the most exciting countries I’ve visited. Not only does it have big mountains (the Andes) with ice and snow, it even has penguins. You see there’s a cold ocean current (lovely!) which runs up the coast from the Antarctic. It brings with it lots of food for fish. Then the fish themselves become food for bigger fish, seabirds like me, other sea-dwelling animals and people.

I was lucky enough to visit Perú with some human friends a while back. You can see some of what I saw in my five slide shows. And if you like, you can listen to some of Perú’s music while you’re looking. Choose your piece (or click ‘Random’) from my little jukebox popup. Click here for useful information about how my slide shows work.

To see a map of Perú, click here. The people of Perú mostly speak Spanish, but the native mountain peoples speak their own language called Quechua. For some quick facts on Perú, click here. And did you wonder why Perú has an accent on the u? Find out why here.

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