Me, Tiki the Penguin

I’m here to tell you that this is my new blog posting place where I can ‘go off on one’ when I get really fed up with the way humans seem determined to mess up our planet. Oh sorry, I don’t mean you kids! I mean the so-called grown-ups/adults/fools who unfortunately run things. But I’m not getting started now. I just want to say hello to you and say sorry for some of the parts of my site which are not yet quite finished. I have a good excuse for this: there’s only me doing it and I’m having to learn a completely new system called WordPress. Some of you will remember that my old site at was a bit of a mess and when OneWorld had to close down, I managed to get enough money together to make this brand-new site. And I sure hope you like it!

If you look at the blogs I’ve got now, you’ll notice one by my friend Rosa Lynas about rainforests. This is the first blog she has ever written and I’m glad to say she’ll be doing more in the future.