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Jokes page 12

From: Evan
Age: 12
Country: United States of America

What happens when a frog parks illegally? It gets Toad!


From: Matilde
Age: 9
Country: Norway

Message Body:
Q: Why did the students eat there work?
A: Because the teacher said it was a piece of cake.😂

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Jokes page 11

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From: Matthias, age 10, Australia

why did the pengunion run away to Australia . . . because it was READ MORE

Jokes page 10

from Raphael, age 11, Malta

Teacher – I have 20 apples and I eat 17. What is left?
John – A big chance for diarrea.

from Daniel, age 9, South Africa

Who’s there?
Shirly who?
Shirly you have not forgotten my READ MORE

Jokes page 9

from gabby, age 8, Scotland

there was a man who came to the doctors and he said i feel like a pair of curtains
A.the doctor said well pull yourself together

from Danica, age 10, South Africa


Jokes page 8

from Ben, aged 10, UK

Q: what did the dalek say to the doctor after the dalek had eaten an egg sandwich?
A: i will EGGsterminate you!
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