from gabby, age 8, Scotland

there was a man who came to the doctors and he said i feel like a pair of curtains
A.the doctor said well pull yourself together

from Danica, age 10, South Africa

Q: Why did Tigger go to the bathroom?
A: To look for Pooh.

Another joke from Danica

There were three boys named Shut Up,Manners and Trouble.
They were playing hide and go seek. Shut Up counted and Manners and
Trouble went to go hide. After Shut Up counted he went to go find
Manners and Trouble. He then met a policeman the policeman asked him
what was his name. Shut Up said Shut Up. the policeman said where is you
manners? Shut Up said up in the tree. the policeman said are you looking
for trouble? Shut Up said no I am looking for Trouble.

from Amelia, age 10, UK

Q: Why wasn’t the moon so smart?
A: Because the sun was brighter!

from Mariana, age 8, China

Q: what do you call a bird that is a female?
A: a lady bird

from Caleb , age 8, USA

Q: Why did the chicken refuse to cross the road?
A: Every time he did someone made a joke about it.

from Brandon, age 7, USA

Q: What is the loudest pet?
A: Trumpet.

Q: Where do hamsters come from?
A: Hampsterdam.

Q: What is the strongest bird?
A: A crane.

from Mary, age 9, UK

Q: How do you stop a rhinoseros from charging?
A: Take away its credit card!!!!

from Soph, age 10, Australia

waiter waiter this egg is rotten
don’t blame me I only laid the table.

from Taylor, age 9, USA

Q: What is the best day to eat a hot dog?
A: When it’s “chilly” outside.

from Bronson, age 10, Australia

Q: Why’d the man sleep under his car?
A: So he could wake up oily in the morning.

Q: Why’d the emo chicken cross the road?
A: What do you care you don’t understand him.